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Biuro Nieruchomości Renoma.

Al. Wiśniowa 33
53-137 Wrocław

tel. (71) 337 19 39
fax. (71) 337 19 39

godziny otwarcia:

"RENOMA" Estate Agency have been operating since 1998. It is a part of DOSPON association uniting over 200 real estate agents in Lower Silesia. It is secured against the civil liability by TUiR Warta Insurance Group.

We receive general recognition in the market of Lower Silesia and the City of Wrocław. Our services include purchases and sales of lands and properties, lettings and residential developments. The accomplished transactions are as followed: purchase - sale of lands for development investments (housing estate, detached houses and lands for heavy investments).
You will appreciate our expertise, customer care and exceptional knowledge of this market.

Certificated Real Estate Agents:

Grażyna Lityńska - Szumska
Licence number 2916
mobile: 0 601 972 373
Aleksandra Sidorowicz
Licence number nr 6818
tel.0 601 167 877

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